The College Campus

While ensuring that we work hard for the betterment of all of our students, we facilitate them with a perfect environment to help them in realizing their dreams. Situated in the spacious locale of Mansarovar, Jaipur, the Subodh Law College campus is a place where knowledge is imparted inside as well as outside of the classrooms. The college, run in a multi-storeyed building, has Administrative Block, Academic Block, Library, Computer Lab, Common Rooms, Auditorium, Moot Court Hall, Meeting and Seminar Hall, classrooms etc. These are some of the areas within the campus where academics and scholars gather for intellectual and meaningful engagements. All the educational institutions are judged on the basis of their alumni and we are committed to making each of our students a worthy asset of the society by aiding her or him in the best possible way.

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Moot Court Hall

‘Don’t raise your voice! Improve your argument! You can sway a thousand men by appealing to their prejudices quicker than you can convince one by logic.’ This is the notion with which we believe that our prospective lawyers should be groomed. Believing that the future of our society and nation rests on the shoulders of our youth, Subodh Law College teaches its budding lawyers the style to begin the war of words and spilling of ideas to ensure that justice prevails. While ensuring that we work hard for the betterment of the world, we provide the perfect environment which helps our zealous students in realizing their dreams. Subodh Law College’s Moot Court Hall is the place where our budding lawyers are encouraged to undertake moot court exercises and participate in various regional, national and international moot competitions. With its classic interior and ambience, the Moot Court Hall provides the students an experience of a real court room. At Subodh, a compulsory training is given to all the law students to participate in moot courts, debates and group discussions.

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No educational institution is complete without its own library and Subodh Law College Library takes pride in its huge collection of books, law journals, digital databases, encyclopaedias, newspapers, magazines etc which all the students can bring to their use. The library also has a separate, comfortable reading room well-equipped with basic amenities to provide a congenial and serene reading environment to our aspiring lawyers. At the beginning of each academic session, the library organizes a ‘Readers’ Orientation Programme’ to acquaint the students with the rules and facilities of the library. In order to keep our students apprized, we offer them with the best reading material. For keeping the library up-to-date, more books are added to our collection in each academic session.

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Computer Lab

Computer knowledge is one of the most essential requirements of the present legal education. As the legal profession keeps pace with the rapidly growing technology, so do we. Subodh Law College offers all of its students an easy access to all the major legal databases, including Manupatra, through its well-maintained and ergonomically designed computer lab. The lab facilitates an in-depth and comprehensive research to the students through high-speed internet and Wi-Fi in a well-organised space. The well-lighted lab is also well-equipped with basic amenities such as air conditioners, generators etc wherein the students can surf safely and responsibly, visit assigned websites and develop their skills in accordance with the global advancements.

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The Subodh Auditorium can occupy more than 600 audiences at a time. With all the latest technical equipment, our auditorium serves as an ideal venue for various events such as law fests, intra-college competitions, ceremonies, seminars, conferences etc. With artistically designed and air-conditioned interior, carpeted floor, wall-to-wall carpeting and recliners, the Subodh Auditorium is the perfect place for all the momentous occasions of the college.

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A hostel is considered to be the epicentre for the dynamics of the campus life. Spread over a vast area, Subodh Law College’s Boys’ Hostel provides fuel and force to the students to maintain the discipline and decorum of the college. With double occupancy, nutritional and hygienic meals, and free Wi-Fi are provided to the hostellers.

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